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Ronhel Constructions and Agricultural

Ronhel Company was founded in (15/1/2014) on the name (Ronhel company) Contracting of Union nursery Dana, which was founded in 2005 and Shad Engineering Office, which was founded in 2007 and some specialists in this field

Ronhel is a professionally managed company providing project management and construction services from pre-construction, design & planning to post-construction maintenance, delivering one-stop service for our clients.


Our Professional Team

Ronhel CO. is the company that has a staff of specialized technicians and engineering, so we are pleased to deal with you within this framework

Eng. Diyar Mohsin

Head Engineer

Eng. Haval Mohammed

Ass. Engineer

Eng. Diyar Mohsin


Eng. Haval Mohammed


Our Services

Ronhel Co. provides a large variety of services


We construct long-standing relationships more than just concrete and steel. We proudly offers construction from major developments to revitalizing world-renowned cultural landmarks.

Water and Sanitation

All your Water and Sanitary-related problems will be taken care of by us. We have trusted professionals who are experts in installations, fitting, and drainage related issues.

Roads and Bridges

We have complete Road construction and Bridge design Services including Surveying and topography, Materials testing, Clearing and grubbing, Drainage control and structures, Trucking and hauling.

Architecture Design

With the combined expertise of our team of architects and interior designers having the right skills and experience we will create your dream building with beautiful and modern architectural design.


We offer design and construction for agricultural parks including related infrastructures like drainage, sewerage, irrigation, water supply, basic lodging, utilities, storage units and street lighting.

House Renovation

Does your home needs some renovation works to give it a different look and create a new environment? We offer renovation to meet your specific requirements by our experienced home renovation team.


We offer installation of telecom sites from A-Z including tower installation and reliable power supplying by our experienced and trusted professional team.


We are the best energy wiring provider including install, upgrade, fixing the wiring systems and move or remove the electricity service at your home or business.

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Address: Qanate Kordo Street, Duhok Iraq