Quality assurance

Quality assurance and quality control services from Ravand Company – assure the quality of all materials, structures, components and systems utilized in the construction, manufacturing and operation of your industrial facilities.

When it comes to your industrial facilities, the quality of all equipment, materials, structures and components is subject to strict regulations and standards. Our quality assurance and quality control services help you ensure compliance with all contractual specifications, mandatory regulations and quality standards.

Best Solutions

As the world-leading provider of quality assurance and quality control services, we offer you unrivaled experience stretching across every industry.

With state-of-the-art resources and expertise and a unique global network, we can provide you with QA/QC in every corner of the world. As a result, we can help you assure quality throughout your entire supply chain.

Our off-site quality assurance and quality control services include:

Assistance in defining a QA/QC program that meets the full scope of all regulatory requirements.
Performing pre-award or pre-qualification surveys, including a complete review of the suppliers’ QA program to meet government or purchaser requirements.
Review of the design, specifications, drawings and specified standards to assure compliance with the applicable regulatory requirements.
Formal equipment audits at the premises of your architect, constructor, manufacturer or sub-supplier – before and during manufacture.

Our on-site quality assurance and quality control services include:

QA of the organizations involved in the construction, manufacture and operation of your facility.
Review of specifications, procedures and specified standards utilized on the construction site.
Monitoring materials testing.

Ravand Company we believe that the safe delivery of projects and operation of facilities is critical for our success and have a goal of delivering our business objectives with zero injuries to our people.

We seek continuously to improve our safety performance, to create a safe workplace for our employees and our contracted personnel, thus avoiding accidents and occupational illnesses.