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The design of the park is the major task when creating a park whether it is a puclic or private park. We in Ronhel Co. can help you by providing modern park design that will fit your project.


The locals knows best.!
We in Ronhel company uses the latest technologies in combination with a close cooperation of experienced local workers, this involves best result of the project.

Best Solution

We are specialist to find the best solution for your peoject.

Follow-up Care & Maintenance

Ronhel Co. offers a top quality follow up service for all its clients.

Keeping the garden green is not an easy task..

Many installation clients take advantage of our maintenance services to ensure appropriate tending and pruning of plants and trees.

The first year is the most critical time for the successful establishment and training of plants.

Minimizing weed infestations early on is critical to reducing future maintenance costs.

We instruct and support clients who wish to tend their own gardens as well as offering a variety of maintenance options.

Even our minimum of four hours per month can make a big difference!